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Abrir un negocio

Go Numeric. Más que números, Numeric es estrategia. Entregamos información de calidad para una mejor toma de decisiones. Es así como Numeric contribuye al crecimiento de su empresa.


Get support at all stages of your business

Tax & Fiscal Advisory

Agile Support in all Competent Bodies

Strategic Market Analysis

Opening your company is a strategic process!

The opening of a company, as well as the alteration of the articles of association, is of fundamental importance for your business. Besides the bureaucratic and compliance issues, a thorough knowledge of the business is key for a successful implementation.

Numeric has its own paralegal department and has a broad experience in the procedures involving foreign capital companies that wish to operate in Brazil.

How to start a business

In just 4 steps, your company is ready to start.

First brainstorming

Understanding of the business model, feasibility study and definition of the legal form, tax regime, etc.

Elaboration of the articles of association

Definition of all the mandatory information which guarantee the rights, obligations and the legal security of the partners, shareholders and the other stakeholders.

Administrative procedures

Registration of documents in the competent bodies (State Board of Trade, Notary, Federal Revenue, State Public Finance Department, City Hall)


Delivery of all the official documents allowing you to start your operations

Services for opening or changing companies

Creation and alteration of companies

Articles of association, Contractual amendments, Social terminations, Acts of general meetings

Registration in the competent bodies

Federal Register (CNPJ), State Register (I.E.), City Hall Register (I.M), Social Security (INSS), ISS Register in other municipalities (CEPOM)

Legal representation

Legal representation of foreign companies in Brazil

Issue of certificates

CND (Federal Revenue), active state debt, protest registry, federal justice, labor justice, etc.

Central Bank

BACEN accreditation, CNPJ for foreign companies, RDE/IED registration


Legalization of documents in embassies/consulates, protest of unpaid invoices and documents, recovery of taxes on cancelled Invoices

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