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Financial Consulting

Services focused on the establishment of the company, avoiding that bureaucratic and legal processes prevent the quick physical installation and start of work.

Accounting for National and Multinational Startups

Audit, Due Diligence and Special Services

Business Management Consulting

Support for ONG's and the Third Sector

Advice for startups of national and foreign companies


Para cada fase do seu negócio o suporte que você necessita!

Here at Numeric, we treat these processes as opportunities for tax optimization, compliance with legal regulations and information that support entities for their best strategic decisions, whether via sustainable growth or responsible cost reduction.

Accounting, Tax and Personnel Department BPO Company

Tax burden reduction, Accounting and Tax Advisory and Consulting.

Advice for National and Foreign Startups

✓ Elaboration of the business plan and choice of the best tax regime;

✓ Registration of capital at Bacen and other opening processes;

✓ Legal representation and administration of your company, with our team of administrators and attorneys;

✓ Accounting system management: accounts and reports in addition to administrative reports with the required local standard;

✓ Security in tax calculations and payments;

✓ Compliance and maintenance of tax records and obligations.

Audit, Due Diligence and Special Services

✓ Validation of accounting and financial information to give credibility to the company and security to stakeholders;

✓ Due Diligence Sell or Buy side;

✓ Audit of Financial Statements;

✓ “On demand” accounting reviews;

✓ Development of technical reports, expert requirements and others on request.

Business Management Consulting

With the need of many companies in the work of organizational structuring, Numeric carries out the review of processes. This review reduces unnecessary costs for the customer, who can direct the budget more efficiently.

✓ Interim management: allocation of professionals at all levels for interim management functions;

✓ Application of management tools to monitor activities;

✓ Application of expense reduction plans.

Support for ONG's and the Third Sector

Support for the management of civil society organizations (non-profit entities);

✓ Preparation of Financial Statements following the specific rules of the Third Sector;

✓ Preparation of reports for government entities;

✓ Audit of projects for financiers and accounting audit;

✓ Audit in OSCIP and Philanthropic.

Tailored and specialized financial solutions for your company

We process your accounting in an integrated way with the existing ERP, avoiding reworks or errors due to manual entries. If your company does not have an ERP, we can help you choose, configure and implement it, in order to guarantee the best cost-benefit, security and adherence to your business processes.





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