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Accounting for ONG's

Numeric specializes in Accounting for ONG’s, Non-Profit Entities and Associations.

With professionals specialized in the market, we have knowledge in specific areas of the sector.

Project management

In the Third Sector, it is crucial to provide individualized accounts for projects to their funders, whether public or private, in particular restricted funds, counterpart, volunteering and gratuitousness.


The maintenance of tax exemption or immunity depends on the formalities of the accounts, non-distribution of profits, non-remittance of funds abroad, among other obligations.

Registration and Financial Control

Each and every financial movement needs to be recorded in its books to report to the Federal Revenue

An NGO or an Association needs to deal with some responsibilities in its day to day.

Defining the qualification of the ONG’s is a fundamental step.

It may be an OSCIP – a civil society organization of public interest, or a philanthropic entity holding CEBAS and declared to be of public utility at the municipal, state and federal levels.

For each qualification, a different set of controls and accountability are required, for example:

  • Counterpart controls, gratuity, Volunteering and donations (money, goods, services and lending),
  • Recognition of tax subsidies with the technique of recording “as if it were due”,
  • Separation between contributions received for restricted use vs. unrestricted use of resources,
  • Description of agreements signed and committed in the period, etc.

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