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Accounting & Tax Advisory

Accounting and tax processes are often considered as bureaucratic activities that do not bring added value to companies.

Reduce your costs and improve people management​

Labor and Payroll Management.

Get a broad view of your finances and growth

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Accounting & Tax Advisory

Outsourcing treasury management is an excellent option for companies that want to improve their routines, focus on more strategic topics and optimize their processes and resources. This also avoids the expense of managing an internal department and looking for professionals specialized in the field

Comprehensive accounting and tax services

By outsourcing the treasury management, the financial information will be automatically integrated in our accounting software. This facilitates the transfer of information, minimizes the risk of errors and allows you to focus on more strategic activities.


✓ Accounting statements
Preparation of accounting statements in accordance with local and international accounting standards

✓ Management reports
Meeting specific reporting needs, such as consolidations, comparisons with budgets and other on-demand requirements

✓ Accessory obligations
Elaboration and transmission of accessory obligations: ECD, ECF and DEFIS, among others


✓ PTax planning
Optimization of the tax burden, according to current regulations

✓ Tax consulting
Recovery of taxes, through tax audits

✓ Compliance
Processing, calculation of taxes and transmission of all accessory obligations mandatory in the country


✓ Payroll processing
Payroll processing of employees, interns, and directors (pró-labore) in accordance with applicable regulations and processing of admissions and dismissals

✓ Management of labor charges and accessory obligations
Social security and labor charges calculation according to labor laws and union agreements

✓ Management of employee benefits
Management of statutory benefits or in accordance with employer policies, such as food stamps, life insurance, health insurance, among others

Accounting, Tax and Personnel Department Advice

If your company does not have an ERP, we can help you to choose, configure and implement such an ERP. We assure you a good benefit-cost ratio and a well-protected tool that is adapted to your needs.





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