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Accounting in Brazil

Go Beyond Numbers

Go Numeric. More than numbers, Numeric is strategy. We deliver quality information for better decision making. This is how Numeric contribute to the growth of your company.

Technology to optimize accounting routines and eliminate the use of paper.

Quick answers to questions and requests about business management.

Financial management with cash flow, control of accounts payable and receivable.

Accounting organization, tax, personnel and financial department.

Numeric Accounting helps your business grow!

Founded in 2007, Numeric has achieved great success and experienced strong growth. It stands out in the Brazilian market and is recognized by its customers for the quality of its work, its reliability and its result-driven mindset.

Partner´s Experience

The partners' experience is used both internally to ensure the proper management of the operations and to support clients in their strategic decisions.

Support in your Strategic Decisions

Numeric processes the accounting and financial data of its clients into market intelligence to foster the best decision-making.

Responsibility and Prevention

Numeric´s processes are digital and reliable, guaranteeing its clients the accurate information with the least possible risk.


With the word: Those responsible for the success of our business!

"Numeric goes far beyond the accounting services they perform with excellence. Their financial services provide us with the contribution of a real Management Controller. A team that is always available and attentive to the customer's needs! A clearly differentiated financial support service."
Guilherme Portela Santos

Your company with a real free PJ Digital Account!

Cora is Numeric’s official partner PJ Digital Account. It is digital and without bureaucracy. It’s free, really! Open your account right now and have access to issuing bank slips, transfers (TED), PIX, bill payments and much more!


Want to know our Solutions?

We always have a specialized and experienced professional to serve customers in order to resolve issues with a view to continuous improvement.


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